Region Mod

I've been and hunted the net for the info on modding my saturn so i can change regions witha switch....but....on opening my saturn up I find it's a very different board :-(

The board is a PAL, 1995 copyright, with the following stamped on it:





on left to rear of board is a white sticker with AD66 09 0000A2 printed on it. Does anyone know where I can find the needed info so I can mod this?

I have just ordered a 4-in-1 cart from lik-sang...will this remove the need for me to do the mod?

I have just ordered a 4-in-1 cart from lik-sang...will this remove the need for me to do the mod?

For all practical purposes, yes. The primary exception would be if you needed to use another cart (e.g. a ROM cart for KOF '95 or Ultraman or a Netlink for Virtual On).
I didn't - i've ordered a 21pin modchip. This saturn has 21 pins. I think i might have to scan the mainboard and put it up for people to see. Maybe someone can identify it.
Instead of crap replies like that, try something a little more constructive. FYI there is a difference between RAM and ROM!

I take it that I really don't need to do the region mod as the 4-in1 cart will do all that for me then?

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yep, you understand correctly

there 3 ways round the country protection

switches modification

patching the bin/iso of the game using satconv (needs a method of booting cdrs, either the swap or a modchip)

or using a par type cart

you would probabbly want the 50/60 switch part of the mod if you wanted to play ntsc games on a pal system though, which can be fitted seperately to the region switches, since the par or patching doesnt alter that

there is a euro version of kof 95 with cart anyway, dont know about ultraman (but ive never seen anyone praising that title, so its probabbly nothing great)
satcovnv should work on almost anything actually

ive found a few times ive needed to add a -r to the end of the command to remove extra letters, but usually its fine

the only game i couldnt get to pathc was nights (i think it may have been a bad rip now though) not that it matters now since i got my original copy from ebay