Removing a broken pin from an S-video port

I had an Interact universal (worked with several consoles) AV/S-video cable and somehow, in the process of removing it from the S-video socket on my TV, one of the pins had broken off inside the TV's port.

The pin in question isn't really a pin. It's the single, large tab at the bottom of the S-video connector. It's rectangular, and about three milimetres wide. Without that pin, the image generated by the S-video cable is in black and white.

I was curious if the electronically-inclined would have any ideas on removing the broken pin from the TV's port. It's an awfully small little hole, and I have no idea where to begin.

fine tweasers or a vacuum cleaner
a cotton bud, and a tube of superglub

little dab of the glue on the bud, and press it onto the piece of plastic, wait to set and pull it out carefully