Removing microresistors

Hi, I was attempting to do the switch-import mod, I have the model 4 saturn so I have to remove the microresistors between the jumpers. I was wondering exactly what the best method for doing this is without damaging the board. Thanks
I melted the solder with my iron and used a pair of thin tweezers to lift the resistor. Probably not the best way to do it, but it worked for me.
Heh, I couldn't wait for a reply so I tested my method on a broken modem and it seemed to work so I just went ahead and took a small screwdriver and pushed it out of the way while heating the solder. For the second jumper I just used the soldering iron to move the microresistor itself (I just felt like I could for whatever reason). I couldn't find tweezers ;D
It might make it easier (and less prone to do damage to the board) if you use some de-soldering braid to remove the solder.

Just don't use solder suckers. They are EVIL. :devil
BTW, welcome to SX, Strychnine