Removing security code from IPBin (Nothing to do with the Ring)


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There have been ongoing discussions about the IPBin being distributed with homebrew/new commercial apps and games. While most people recognize that nobody is going to prosecute over the distribution of the IPBin, it has become an interesting talking point to patch in the IPBin after distrubution.

This lead to a conversation about Psuedo Kai being able to run games without the security code.

I put together a test for Shining Force 3 without having the security code in it.

The test was a success as you can see here.


All the IPBin does is jump right to program start.

There is no reason why this also could not work with ODEs, but as of this time does not work with Fenrir.

Basically, what we could be seeing is people releasing their own boot sequence, and give those who want to play on a modded saturn the ability to patch in an authentic IPBin.

I have attached the modified IPBin for anybody who would like to play around.


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