Repair a defect Saturn???


I got a Model 2 Saturn, the menu loads, but the CD-Drive doesn't do anything!

Can someone tell me, where the problem in the hardware could be??

mfg, JMS!
If you can, check the following things:

- CD lid sensor

- Power and data/signal cables to the drive

- Bias/Gain settings for the drive; unfortunately I don't know what the appropriate settings for these are.
The cd will only spin if the lens detects a medium with sufficient reflection. If found the drive will spin up and the lins tries to read the disc, if not you get a "Drive emty" message. If the lens is damaged it can't detect a disc an the drive won't spin .

Do you got a message when you power up the saturn with or without a disc ?
The saturn boots as normal into the main menu, but even if a cd is in the drive, the motor doesn't spin and no error message or anything else comes!