Resident Evil

Just thought ya all should know its out on DVD now.
I just watched it, and I think its got the cleanest video and its as close to a laserdisc Ive ever seen a DVD get
If you like the game you must get this movie, its a great one!!
I liked it. But... how can you have an RE movie, without mentioning the Birkins (creators of the T and G-Virus), or Tyrant? Come on!
Yeah...but even in the books, they still talked about Birkin, and Tyrant was featured (Tyrant (RE), Mr. X (RE2))
I love the movie, the music score and zombies were incredible compared to the "other" zombie type of movies out there....this movie gives more of a raw feeling of cold, dark, unstopable these zombies can really move fast if they want to, and they can think a bit, plus Caplin doesnt actually die, he lives for part 2, and the other guy mutates into the Nemesis....I cant wait to see part 2 now, RE had an excellent ending to boot.
Not to mention the awesome laser scene in the hallway....excellent movie. Plus I like Milla J.
I didnt find the movie too entertaining. They way they hyped the movie up in all the old game magazines I thought it was going to kick ass, too bad.
i thought it was an alright movie it would have been better if they took out that lame matrix kicking the dogs part(i mean give her a 9mm and have her shoot them in the head or something) but besides that it was alright.
She only kicked one dog man, she ran outta bullets, what do you expect, shes a security operative! But I kinda looked a bit fake on that part but the rest was great, I simply couldnt get over the ending....just when you think all is well, it couldnt get any worse!!
I would HATE to be in thier shoes!!
both are awesome man!!
Ive been trying to collect more genesis carts to add to my collection, allthough people simply want too much for games nowadays, I mean damn....the store wants like 13 bucks for streets of rage 2??geez....other than that its a great system.... thanks aot.
They probably decided to save the tyrants for the second movie or something.

And I heard Jill Valetine is going to join Milla's character in the second movie which is good because i was dissapointed that none of the characters from any of the games were in the first movie.
movie was pretty good. aside from that just to let you know laserdiscs have 425lines of vertical res, dvdz have 480.
CAV LDs are in 800x600 which is better than DVDs 720x480...Plus DVDs have very ugly block noise and rainbow artifacts due to MPEG2 compression sometimes...LDs never have that crap because they arent compressed, DVDs are pressed at 10cents each, LDs are burned and cost 10 bucks each to manufacture, DVDs have commercials in them like VHS tapes, LDs DO NOT, DVDs have Macrovision and Region protection, LDs DO NOT, DVDs cut things from the movie even in Directors Cut DVDs ie. Aliens, where as LDs DO NOT, some movies like Akira, Aladdin, Near Dark, Star Wars Special Editions 4, 5, and 6. among others are ONLY on LD and not even on DVD. etc...etc.... (I could go on and on all day) LaserDiscs are still the way to watch movies....DVDs are small pathetic crap, most of the time, Resident Evil is however, THE clearest DVD I have seen to date on my Pioneer DVD player....
i got ahold of a ld player for 10 bucks and 20 movies for 20 bucks(garage sale) and i do have to agree ld's are awesome too bad the stupid player fried itself a few years back. but i always thought ld's looked cooler too. and compression does mean things to video. oh and back on topic i really thought the movie was pretty boring cept it had its parts. and i thought it should of made an attempt at being more horrorific like the game.