Resident Evil

Originally posted by Ratamahatta@July 31 2002, 5:31 pm

I didnt find the movie too entertaining. They way they hyped the movie up in all the old game magazines I thought it was going to kick ass, too bad.

Pioneer still manufactures LDs and LD/DVD players, look in thier Elite section , you can get a cheap one for about $1,800.00 and the LDs are still being made in Japan, I get mine off of eBay, ie...Titan A.E. and The Beach cost me~$60 each... LDs give more life to movies Ratta, I know, I own alot of DVDs and LDs and when compared back to back the LDs are better %85 of the time, the DVDs are cool in thier own ways as well, but as for the movie, its best watched on LD, you get more of a movie theatre feel, instead of a home Robotech for example on LD then on DVD youll see the block noise on the DVD really badly and it ruins the anime.
Too bad they ditched the romero script.. the guy who made night of the living dead would have done a number on REs