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I'm thinking about placing an order for some preplayed psx and saturn games.

I've looked at a couple of online stores, but I'm having a hard time choosing one: (I've mailed them several times, but no reply) (Seems like a good place, but don't accept paypal) (can't garantee that preplayed games are complete...)

Can anyone who has some experience with either one of these stores help me out?




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Agree. Forget about buyrite, they don't ever answer my emails either.
sad.gif No idea, never heard of.

As for, I wouldn't - their preplayed games are probably complete but in poor condition, possibly non-working? It would depend on how strict they are about buying back games from other people in the first place; all they care about is re-selling them at a profit.

Have you considered Wolfgames? Very simple site with loads of new/used games run by a guy named Matt. Has an excellent reputation and is as straightforward as it gets (I bought from him before). Unfortunately his prices are not exactly rock-bottom
Yeah, I should probably avoid a place that doesn't answer emails... is short for game express, they have a pretty good selection,

and I've heard they're pretty good, just want a second opinion....

I'll be sure to check out wolfgames...