What a game. Another example of how to take proven concepts and mix them into something that seems completely new and at the same time is coherent and incredibly well balanced. Rez, at its heart "just another 3D shooter," is such a game. Someone called it "Tron on acid" and I couldn't agree more.

The way the music accompanies the game action without ever sounding messy or discordant is awesome, too. As I am deaf since birth and rely on high-end headphones to use my computer and play my game consoles, I can truly appreciate the added immersion that the in-game effects - or should I say, instruments - provide.

Rez doesn't just try to push the technical limits of what can be done on game consoles/could be done on the Dreamcast. It turns the very essence of electronic videogaming into an art form of its own. When was the last time plain vector graphics looked so darned good?

Everyone should at least try this game once and see what they think. Me, I'm an addict from the first time I played this game.

A masterpiece...
It turns a simplistic gener (on rails shooter) into somthing much more by using wire frame grafics together with pulse pounding music and sound effects. It ends up being more like a work of art then a game. Truely somthing worth the cost of admission to experiance.
Rez is absolutely fantastic, a masterpiece. Best game in years, an original take on a tired genre. I love playing it although I always get laughed at - because it's impossible to sit still once you get immersed in the experience.

I've got the Rez album too, it's also brilliant!
It's great!  It's unique!

I like this game, the oldschool graphics are really good!

It's good to play and try to get 100% in all areas, and to get all the secrets.

The sincronisation of the Music and the game is perfect!

I recomend all the people to play with Headfones and a Rumble Pack  :

It's sad to see that not all people knows this great game
Rez is a lot of fun, and I love how the music is integrated in with the shooting.

The thing with me is that the graphics, combined with the music, are an overdose of trippiness. Every time I finish a level, I end up falling asleep. Not that I think it's a bad game or anything, it's just that the trippiness is too much for me to handle.

Weird, I know.
for those of us without hearing difficulties headphones are NOT recommened

a hella loud stereo turned up as loud as it'll go however is.

hmmm.. rez is actually the reason that i bought a new amp a few months ago (i torched my last one playing it)


which is better, the ps2 version or the d.c. version?
The DC version has better graphics (through the VGA adapter at least), but the PS2 version has no slowdown. There's also that massive PS2 rumble-thingy they released for it in Japan that I'd like to try.
this is my favorite game for first 3 months of 2002;

played it 3 months intensively,

and still play it!

it has incredible replay value;

moreover, I noticed that the game is getting harder and harder , each time you finish it!

new ennemies pop up, some new scenes appear within levels.

did anybody else notice that?
That must mean that all the servers you try hacking into in the game keep updating their firmware ;-)

Oh, and why would headphones not be recommended? That is such *!?#.
no, the game really is better on a massive stereo than it is with head phones.

headphones have tiny little speakers and therefore no BASS

the house should shake with every explosion. you should be able to notice the windows rattling more and more as stage 5 progresses. the music and sounds effects sound better and the game is more fun that way.

my opinion anyway.

so the ps2 version isn't afflicted by slowdown?

<<<currently pondering if it's worth it to buy a ps2 for wipeout fusion and ANOTHER copy of rez.

hmmmm... actually except for the lack of anti-aliasing shouldn't the ps2 graphics be better? doesn't it have a resolution higher than 640*480 and is it not possible to buy a ps2 vga adapter from somewhere?
Originally posted by sizone@Sep. 19 2002, 5:33 am

hmmmm... actually except for the lack of anti-aliasing shouldn't the ps2 graphics be better? doesn't it have a resolution higher than 640*480 and is it not possible to buy a ps2 vga adapter from somewhere?

The VGA adapter only works with the Linux kit and not with games, so the TV limits available resolutions.
Actually there are VGA adaptors for the PS2, but they just change the RGB signal to VGA frequencies. The Dreamcasts native VGA output looks better imho. Oh, and I noticed that the sound effects seemed a lot richer on the DC than on the PS2. I kept my roommate up all night playing the game, the bass transferred nicely into his bedroom (THX certified amplifiers together with Infinity Kappa speakers are the only way to go since this game definitely goes to eleven!)

Btw, you know the Rez japan commercial? straaaaaange...
Boyoyoy... I know the headphones vs. speakers thing shouldn't bother me so much, but it does. Maybe it's because speakers aren't an option for people who have peace-loving family and/or neighbors. Maybe it's because I mentioned before that I'm DEAF and have little choice but to use headphones. Maybe it's even because I plain disagree that headphones have "no bass". I get just as much boom out of them... so what if my body isn't shaking...

And, gee, I didn't even notice any slowdown whatsoever in the DC version... can't imagine the PS2 version to be much better than this... Is it just me?
Originally posted by Taelon@Sep. 19 2002, 9:25 pm

And, gee, I didn't even notice any slowdown whatsoever in the DC version...

There isn't much of it, but it's most noticeable during some of the boss fights. Eg. the one that starts out like a flower and transforms itself into a cylinder (level 2 or three) stutters during the actual transformation sequence.
I just fired up my trusty PAL version of REZ on my PAL console and nope, no slowdown whatsoever. At least nothing I could notice. The models do not continue to move during some blur sequences, but that´s no slowdown, the whole game movement is halted, only the blurring of the screen (advancement inside a stage) suggests motion at these points.
What exactly is that rumble thing that they released in japan, and how does it work?

I think Rez would make an excellent arcade game, although the controll would be an issue.

Perhaps you would strap gloves with sensors on them, and dance like your raving to kill enemies.. haha i wish they would make a new dancing game!
OMFG!!! Did you read that webpage? It was written by a girl and she goes on to describe how she used that vibrator pack on HERSELF while her boyfriend played... GEEZ... I don't think that's what the Rez programmers had in mind....

That article says "information needs to be free" (so the supposed goal of the game), but after reading the whole thing I wonder if by information they meant online porn... Whew.