Ripping/Backing up with dicjuggler/nero?

cdr-win wont run on my pc, xp fucks up, tried updating aspi etc, anyway, i want to rip my pal copy of Guardian Heroes, can this be done with discjuggler or nero?, also if this isnt possible can a straight copy be performed?, cheers.
A straight copy with Nero will do, although to tell you the truth Nero also relies on ASPI and thus might fail as well.

Diskjuggler is overkill.

I recommend CloneCD, as it has its own driver, and while it might be overkill too (makes raw 1:1 backups, is able to circumvent copy protections which Saturn games don't have), it is easy to use and reliable. I've used it to backup original Saturn games, no problem.

The trial version of CloneCD is available at and does the job for 21 days, no limitations.
thanks for your help mate