Ripping Worldwide Soccer 97

Well, it' burnt fine. The only thing that worries me is that... know when you burn, you can see the thin line on the cd. I see it, but it looks a little to close to the edge than usual games i burn do. About an inch and a half. Maybe this is because it's a bin/cue. I dunno, but is this normal?
Have you actually played the game yet?

If it works, you know what they say.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

This line you refer to sound like the disc just has a bit more data on it than you are used to. It doesn't sound abnormal to me.
Originally posted by Taelon@May 10 2002,11:16

What are PREGAPS doing in a BIN/CUE? My thinking is you only need pregaps/postgaps (after the last data track/before the first audio track) if you're burning an ISO/MP3 image... but a BIN already comes with all the "gaps" that were on the original CD included, all that matters is that the INDEX times in the cue sheet are correct.

Now, I'll admit I don't know a hell of a lot about troubleshooting CD burning software (because my set up just works
), but the idea of deleting the pregaps in a bin's cuesheet doesn't sound right to me.

If pregaps are unneccessary, why would CDRWin put them in?

When I copy games I rip to an image and then burn because I've got a ghetto PC. As you can see in this thread the cuesheet I posted has a pregap with the track after the data track. I ripped this as I would any game that I copy and they never fail. Occaisionally I get buffer underruns but no bad burns.

Now NiGHTS has two data tracks, so I don't find it odd that it has pregaps on both tracks two and three. They both follow data tracks.

Also the cue sheet I posted for NiGHTS here also contains them.

Buggered if I know what's going on...

Does the damn thing work Gallstaff?
Yeah. Does it f-cking work OR NOT

I hope so actually, as I'm starting to think I gave you bad advice.
Seems cue cheets for BIN images can have gaps after all, I'm seeing them in the cue sheets for Panzer Dragoon Saga which I'm in the middle of downloading (2 CDs complete so far)... Still, maybe there just wasn't ever supposed to be a gap between the two data tracks. Oh, who knows.

if it doesnt work post back here and ill sort out a cuesheet that should work for you to use as a iso/iso/wav rip

ill mail it to you since it looks like : 0 is now used as a smiley making it somewhat difficult to post a cuesheet (im sure it wasnt like that before)

actually, post back ill upload it somewhere instead
It could always be that Gallstaff has finally got NiGHTS to work and he can't stop playing it.

Or that it still hasn't worked and he's trashed his computer...
Actually mal, you couldn't be more right
It works like a charm and i've been playing it all weekend. Sorry i wasn't here, but i had to go to albany for mothers day and thank the dear sweet lord i brought my saturn along or i would have been in agony all weekend. So yes, it did work and man, this game is hard. I still don't get what is up with that clock, unless it's suposed to be an alarm clock which wakes you up from your dream...

I love this game! I'm gonna go play it now!
Just out of interest, how did you burn NiGHTS in the end?

Was it without the pregaps? Which program did you use?
I just deleted the pregaps from the cue sheet, saved it and burnt it in cdrwin like i would any other game.
That's an odd way of getting it to work. I suppose the main thing is that it works for you.