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Any of you guys wish that you could fly in one of those Valkyrie jet fighters?! Those things were soo freakin cool!

And the SDF1 hot damn was that one freakin cool battleship!
dude, come on. what Robotech fan HASNT had that dream!?

OH MY GOD to be in Skull 1, or on a Cyclone motorcycle! That would be the ULTIMATE ride!
I've been wanting to go throught the the RoboTechs again. I remember watching them, and loving them, when I was about 12 or so. I'm 26 now, so that was a LONG time ago. But I will see the whole series, from start to finish. I've been wanting to do that since I first saw them, but never got around to it. Man, talk about procrastination huh? I'm the best at it. Been putting off watching the series for 14 years....
Yeah, it would be ace to fly one of those... Just swooping in, transforming and continue the battle on ground. Who knows, maybe science progress so much that it could be possible. Atleast, there is a robotech game for Saturn...
I prefer the YF-19 over the Valkyrie anyday!! Beautiful speed and awesome design. It would be nice to fall over the "shell" of the earth at breakneck, tangential velocity!!!