Rogers, Bell


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I swear to god if rogers bit caps my interent connection i'll beseriously pissed off, 50 bucks a month for 5 gigs of transfers? what a joke, I normally download 20 - 30 gigs per month, so it would cost me a fortune! high speed internet providers are brutal bloodsuckers.
Well, they probably never expected that kind of use (or at least not so soon), and you're taking up the sort of bandwidth that normally warrants a dedicated connection. You probably have a right to be pissed at their bad planning, but they also have a right to take steps to discourage the kind of disproportionate use that costs them money and can potentially negatively impact other users. As with all types of networks, it's a big balancing act.
I'm on Bell, at least up until July when their new regulations take effect. It's ridiculous that they'd do that, and it's purely done to take advantage of their monopoly. If Rogers goes the same way, then we won't have another viable broadband ISP. This form of collusion reminds of the way gas prices work. Instead of staying competitive they just offer the same service at the same price and the consumers are left with little choice but to pay. For the record Rattamatta, I will be switching to LOOK DSL once Sympatico is though. For $36.95 a month plus a one hundred dollar fee for a modem (which you get to keep no less) I should be recieving unlimited high speed internet. For how long is anybodies guess. In any case, check out for more details.