Ryuuko no Ken 2

lol, that's cool

love the music :
Everyone likes Rocky

I ran off an AOF2 disk with no BGM and used that to get fights with sound effects. Worked out kinda nice since i didn't want to just mute all the cool noises.
I made a custom CD with no BGM so that i could preserve the sound effects. Then I ran my Neo-Geo CD into my capture card and did all the stuff. I cut up each scene using virtual dub. Then put that video into Adobe to do transitions and such. Then I used virtual dub to rip the complete audio to a wav and mixed it with the BGM and re-attached it to the file. Then compressed it.

Took quite a few hours.
Originally posted by Jaded God@Nov. 26 2002, 2:44 pm

damn that game looks WICKED! I have never heard of it... Is it sweet? Worth buying a Neo-Geo for?

Art of Fighting 1, 2, and 3 (aka Ryuuko no Ken 1, 2, and Gaiden) are most of the reason I bought a neogeo cd.

It's one of my favorite fighting games from back in 1991/93 and the game a lot of King of Fighters characters come from.