Sakura Wars Problem


I download sakura wars of queuebert ftp uploaded by admoroux. The file is a only iso. I change the country to E the default was ET ( europe taiwan? ). This is strange because the game is japanese. Some people tell me that this game don´t function well with country changer. After i burn the game with Easy cd pro 95. The game don´t function i see the cd control panel and it said checking format disc. After if you press the loading button it loading for 2 or 3 seconds and the screen turns black but return to cd control panel again.

Well if somebody knows how burn it well plese tell me

Thank you
Actually, the default country code is JT:

"For JAPAN. "


This tells you that someone already patched it. When you said you changed it from ET to E, did you use the -r to "remove all but one country letter" when patching with the Country Changer?

Also, do you have a modded Saturn or are you performing the swap trick?

Lastly, both disc 1 and disc 2 contains one audio track. Both are 28 seconds long (same warning message in Japanese). What I suggest you do is try to substitute with an audio track of your choice. If you don't have the audio track and want it, check your email. :

Yes i use the -r option. I use a saturn with modchip. But i don´t have got the audio track of 28 seconds. It can be the problem bacause with dracula X have the same problem but i downloaded again in other place and this time had a audio track, the game now work perfectly. The audio track is 16 seconds. My email is

Thank you for your help
Hi, i again. Sakura wars now works!!!!. Was the audio track. I write to thank a MasterAkumaMatata for his help. It must be that saturn needs a mixed mode cd to detect the game.