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Genesis 2/CD 2 combo, with both a/c adaptors, one controller, (no mixing cable) r/f switch, and the following games:

Warsong : Cart only

Road Rash II - has box

Mortal Kombat : Cart only

Strider : Cart only


Also looking for NeoGeo MVS carts. PM me with any questions.


there is nothing wrong with the ps you are selling? If so, I would be interested..

also the sega cd 2 ; thats the top loading one huh? I am pretty sure, but if it is the bottom loading one, then we will have to definately talk about that one..


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None of the systems have sold as of yet, but I have gotten some PMs about the DC, and the PSX.

As for the segaCD, yes thats correct, it is the Top Loader, that sits next to the Genny, not below it.

For some really weird reason, these forums do not work very well for me, they keep getting REALLY unbearably slow, and they time out for me. If anyone is interested in anything, the best way to contact me is via AIM/ICQ or email:


ICQ - 21202419