San Francisco Rush

I know of a Special Edition that came with a Raven 2D/3D 16MB Video Card.

The one with the card is the Altatraz Edition: The Rock!

I realy to know if someone have this! I want some details about the game
Originally posted by sonik@July 24 2002, 9:35 am

I want to know if this game requires any special hardware to run?

I think there is no game that need some EXTRA hardware (unless you need 3d Glasses or game use specific Hardware component)
The first Sega PC release (Virtua Fighter) required a specific Diamond Video Card in order to run. Newer games could also be made to be dependant on specific hardware.
Any info from the game will help.

Hey Curtis, I have this Diamond Card with a Slot to use Saturn Controler in my PC!
Great - I think it was a bit of a waste of money tho'. Within months of releasing the hardware version of the game, Sega released a normal Win95 version that looked just as good.

Were there any other games released for that thing?
Anything from Sega is NOT waste of money

Allmost all Sega Games for PC will work with the Saturn Pads connected to this card.

Like Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragon and Daytona

PS: I lost my Panzer Dragon CD for PC... Anyone have this one?

there was a pc version and it did come with the card u mention,but ive never come across the game and i have plenty of pc games,

what u actually got with the card are these games a mate of mine bought one way back in `98

San Fransisco Rush the Rock Alcatraz Edition NFL Blitz Gex: Enter the Gecko

but ive never seen it on cheap re-release or anything

as for info well only place i can send is here hope this helps dude ,

first thing u do when u are looking for something is if its bundled with hardware always check there site.

i would appreciate any more info u do find dude

i would`nt mind tracking the game down myself.