Saturn 8Mb RAM games


was just wondering what games (if any!) used the 8Mb ram cart so I can test mine. At first i thought it was backup ram, but when i opened it up it had 2 siemens 512k DRAM chips.




I was wondering if this is the biggest card available, or whether there was actually an 8 megabyte card as opposed to the 1MB (8Mb) card i've got.

Being a games developer whose been playing about with 32X code this should be quite interesting when I get my mod chip working (which is another story as i think its a dud).

I've only just recently dug my systems out and made a version of Sebs region mod that omits the 50/60hz toggle coz i'm in america at the mo, if anyone is interested.

Hello btw :)

There was an 8Mbit cart and a 32Mbit cart. The rule of thumb is that SNK used the 8Mbit cart and Capcom used the 32Mbit cart, but there's a more complete list here. The 32Mbit cart is a superset of the 8Mbit cart, so they generally should be compatible with games using the 8Mbit cart. Just out of curiosity, can you post the part number for those RAM chips? Also, are U1/U2/U3/U4 just decoders/muxes, or something more exotic? Are there any PAL/GAL/CPLD chips on there? I've never seen a third-party cart that's just a RAM expansion, so I'm a little curious. :)
Edit: ^^ ExCyber beat me to it, and he really knows what he is talking about.

As far as I know, there are 1 MegaBYTE RAM carts, 4 MegaBYTE RAM carts. These were used for games that required additional RAM to run. (example X-Men vs. Street Fighter)

There were also Sega Saturn Memory Cards, the official was 8 MegaBITS (1 MegaBYTE). There may have been other 3rd party cards that were larger (??)