Saturn A/V cables

Have certainly considered it, but where can i get the 10-pin plug?

I DO have a SCART cable i dont use, and i could probably hack it to shreds, but having seen the value of these on an aussie website ($47 A), am rather hesitant...

BTW picked up the scart cable for $5!!!

and they had controller extention cables for $2!!

i shoulda bought another scart cable :(
I got my a/v cable for 10 bucks on ebay brand new! I would look there and don't pay more than 12 bucks for one..unless you're desperate for one.

Shaneus: Aren't there SCART extension cables? Couldn't you get (or make) one of those, hack *that* up to bring out composite video and L/R audio,, and hook it up to the Saturn SCART cable?
$47 for a scart cable

i brought mine for £2 a while back

id forgot about the din plug though, i assume your looking for outputs with normal coaxial connections on the end (l&r audio, and a video signal) if so you should be able to get a scart to composite vedo and audio converter at a tv shop

can you not get a tv with a scart socket possibly?
finding a TV with scart aint easy... esp. a second hand one (all my $$$ goes on Sega!)

can anyone recommend any tvs i should look out for which have them? (ie is there a brand which has them on their tv's as standard?)
Hang on.

One minute you're talking about the 'high' cost of cables and now you're talking about getting a new telly.

Burn Games have AV cables for A$27.

hmmm.... good point...

me = tired and lazy and not thinking right...

but scart would be good tho...

spending $27 is a last resort...