Saturn Action Replay 4in1 Plus

I was able to get the Saturn Action Replay 4in1 Plus in quantity direct from the manufacturer so I lowered the price $5 to $24.95 which as far as I can tell, is one of the cheapest prices. Use coupon code segaxtreme when checking out for an additional $2.50 off which should make shipping free for US residents.
Well, damn... looks like I took jumped the gun a bit early when I bought my stuff before. :(

Oh well, I'm planning on grabbing a White Saturn in a couple months, I'll be getting some savings then. :)
Hey Jandaman, is the segaxtrene coupon only available for the Saturn Action Replay or can it be used for any items?

By the way, that's a very generous offer for SegaXtreme members! :)
Just updated it so it works till the end of the month.

You can use it for either an Action Replay 4in1 or a Saturn modchip