Saturn and DVD2SVCD

If I create an mpeg and burn it with NERO it works fine on both my pc and Saturn. But if I have DVD2SVCD create a bin/cue file and burn it with NERO, it works on my pc but not Saturn. DVD2SVCD has 2 program options for VCD image creation and I tried them both but no go. Does anyone else have this problem? I know I could just burn the mpeg, but I`m curious if anyone else has this problem when burning images. One nice thing about images is that I don`t have to wait for Nero to verify the mpeg is a valid VCD type. FYI, I have a HI Saturn with the built in Hitachi card. If you haven`t experienced this problem, but have the ability to test, please give it a shot.
I don't know if this helps much, but anyway...

Q69: I am trying to make a XVCD and the final mpg or VCD will not play correctly or work at all. How can I avoid this?

A: When you make a XVCD and raise or lower the bitrates you will need to find the correct mux setting of BBmpeg on your own. Automatic doesn't seem to work well with VCD mpeg video. The easiest way I have found is to use the setting DVD2SVCD uses as a starting point and if your bitrate is higher then the 1150 CBR rate that a standard VCD uses then you will need to raise the force mux rate and if the bitrate is lower then you need to lower it. It may take a few tries to get it right. Watch BBmpeg and see if there are any overflow errors. If there are stop the muxing, close both DVD2SVCD and Bbmpeg, start DVD2SVCD, load the d2s file, raise the forced mux rate of BBmpeg and continue. Keep doing this until you get no errors while watching the muxing. Try and use as low a mux rate as possible while not getting any errors. Once you have found a succesful rate you can continue to use that rate as long as your future encodes use the same bitrates. As an example I have found that by using a CBR video bitrate of 1500Kbit and an audio bitrate of 224 I use a force mux rate of 4420.

Thanks for trying, but I don`t see how that could help. Like I said, the mpeg itself is fine (if I directly burn it with nero, no probs on the Saturn), but if I burn the bin/cue image (created from said mpeg) with nero it works on the pc but not saturn, so I`m suspecting the image creation programs (vcd imager or vcd xbuild) are at fault. I`m hoping someone will give it a test and report back.
I know. Just cuz the program is called DVD2SVCD doesn`t mean it can`t create VCD`s (which I`ve been doing). In case there`s any confustion here, the mpegs I`m making adhere to the VCD standard, and I`ve successfully played them on my Saturn. It`s just the bin/cue method of burning seems to choke the Saturn, while my pc plays bin/cue burned VCD discs just fine. Which makes me wonder if the image creating programs are causing the problem
Nero isn't always reliable in burning bin/cue images. It might mess *something* up with your burn.

Try burning your bin/cue with CDRWin and see if the problem persists.
what version of nero are you using? i believe older versions have had issues with burning vcd's as bin/cue's. i would also suggest something like cdrwin. you could also try like blindwrite or alcohol 120%, but i have never tried those with vcd's.