Saturn backup battery

I did a search on the board and couldnt find any info on this, so I was wondering where I would be able to get a backup battery, as I have two dead ones. I've seen them on ebay, but is this something I could take to radio shack and say "give me one of these" or is a special battery made for the saturn? thanks for any info.
A CR-2032 is what you need.

You can't have searched very hard, there are plenty of threads discussing just this question. ???
yeah there's a few places that sell them.

eBay is also an option

BTW, they are also the same batteries that power Dreamcast's VMU
sorry mal, I did a search for 'saturn battery' within the saturn forum and the tech help forum and I didn't see any threads dealing with where to get a saturn battery at all, so I didn't think it would hurt to ask. Thanks for everyone who replied though, I'll take it to radio shack or eckerd tomorrow and hopefully pick one up.
They're in every supermarket where the batteries are (sometimes in or near photo dept's).

CR2032 cells are almost as ubiquitous as your stock AA batteries and the like.
Originally posted by PUNJABEE@Jan. 25 2003, 3:19 am

The same battery powers the BIOS of a Compaq 1700 series laptop. heh.. i know, i work on em.

They actually power a large number of PCs and laptops' BIOSes. They're fairly popular for that kind of application.
Just got back from wal mart, seems to be the only thing open at 3 in the morning.. anyway, picked up a battery ( in the camera section) for $1.96. I saw these going on ebay for 5 bucks + shipping, thats ridiculous. Whats the life span on one of these in a saturn?
I bought two of them for $1.5 last month

go to supermarkets, and so on :0