Saturn Backup playing....

sup, i bet this is a question been asked before, but i have burned a few games so far, and they work...... except that in a few of them (panzer dragoon). the videos stutter and it seems to me the SS pauses a bit while the music loads....... it seems to me like the cd isn't gettign the data off of it fast enough, is this normal? does it have to do with that i am using the cheapest cd's possible? do i have to burn them with a dummy file to get the data to the outer most portions of the cd? thanks for the help.
adding a dummy would make it SLOWER, because the data is on the inside on saturn discs. this is no dc.

but yeah, your blanks are likely to be the prob, and/or your burning speed.
do i have to burn them with a dummy file to get the data to the outer most portions of the cd?
LMAO, this is the Saturn, not the DC as Arakon mentioned, so no, you do not add a dummy file to it. Even if you do add a dummy file, it's quite a difficult task to remaster a CD-R with a dummy file that contains the original boot sector and file ordering if you don't have the required tools and knowledge to begin with.
okay, thanks, it was just a suggestion, i'm trying to cover all my bases in this problem........ no dummy file - check............... i guess i'll try some different cdrs. the music actually stutters and then stops playing all together, and not really pausing like i stated earlier ............. also, i burn them at 4x..... do you suggest 2x? ........ (here is a sub question, what is an HK? some kinda of back up?)

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Trying different speeds might not be a bad idea, but I'd say that trying better media would be the best start. What media are you using now? Also, do originals still play normally?

"HK" (also "HK silver") is slang for a professionally manufactured pirate copy, presumed to be made in Hong Kong, but could be made in a bunch of places.
are you using a modchip or swap? if you swap, are you using the single or double swap? the single swap will often result in bad or missing music.
no mod chip, using the double swop........ my originals play normally....... i am using these dirt cheap cdrs that are 80min, there have just silver on the top........ but they work perfect for DC games (and i realize that is differnt then the SS)......... so i guess my best bet is to use different media or to try 2x. thanks, if you think of anything else let me know.
burning at 2x has no effect, is it possible that i am using a wacked technique for swopping the cd? i don't think i am, it is the double swop. ....... so all i have left is to get new cdrs? has anyone else had this happen?