saturn bomberman

i dl'd saturn bomberman, all files, they were all rar. there are 7, and each of them have an iso and 30 mp3s!!! i think that is insane, so how do i go about burning it? do i burn one set, or all 7?


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FOOLISH CHILD. Haha. It's not seperate games it's one game compressed into many files. Just extract the contents of bombmerman.rar and burn that. Ignore the rest, but don't delte them. Just extract everything in bombmerman.rar and burn that.


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ok then take open the archive that has *whatever*.rar and extract all that. then just make a cue sheet of that data and burn it like any other iso+mp3
thats what i decided to do. i picked the best looking set and burned it, so now i have to see how it turns out. it still confuses me why it was like that?
NO SILLY! The way rars work, is that all the rar files (seven in your case) contribute to that one iso and 30+mp3s. When you unrared it with Winrar, it automatically used all of the files.
nonono, i know how it works. but when i unrar each of the 7 rars, there were 7 isos and hundreds of mp3's. it was like they were 7 complete games. so i burned 1 set and it works fine, i have it on pause now.


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What Gallstaff and saygah have been trying to tell you is that you only need to extract once. Opening the xxxx.rar or xxxx.part01.rar (or what ever the first file is called) is the same as opening any of the subsequent files.

By 'unraring' the seven files you have actually extracted the same thing seven times.

Does that make any sense to you?