Saturn broken?

Last week i was watching some vcds with my Saturn and all of a sudden the picture disappeared for a second. I thought it was just my tv acting up and continued. On the next day i wanted to play something on it and noticed that it didn't automatically switch to the AV channel anymore. Another thing i noticed that the picture quality had detetiorated significally - it looked like it was a composite signal instead of RGB. First i thought that the cable had broken, so i went out and bought a new cable. That didn't work either... All my other consoles - all connected via RGB scart - work great, so it's not the telly either.

Can anyone tell me what could be wrong with my Saturn? It works, but the picture quality is pretty crap being composite instead of RGB. My Saturn is a regular PAL model with a mod chip and a euro VCD card installed. Am i better off buying a new one than trying to repair this?
I don't think I can help you, but can tell you that you are probably not alone...

I have my Saturn hooked up to a Commodore 1084 monitor via a scart cable - I occasionally notice that the signal appears to "drop back" to composite quality. i have always put this down to the monitor being the problem (it is kind of crusty...), but now I'm not so sure...
it's missing +5V on pin 16 of the scart connector. check if the connector on the saturn is damaged in any way.