Saturn Clock and Save Game

Alright, well earlier, I think I saw a post about the Saturn clock always resetting, and would have to re-enter it everytime. Well, I don't care about the clock, but my question is, if my clock info always gets lost and if I try to save a game, will I lose my save games? I've wanted to start an RPG, but I don't want play for a few hours and then have to start over. Give me a shout of your knowledge or thoughts. Peace!
Change the battery. It is located inside the slot on the back, where the VCD card goes.
To answer your question directly, yes, any saved games will be lost if you tried to save at the moment.

To remedy this, change the battery that is located behind the removable panel on the back of the Saturn. You'll need a CR-2032 battery and they are a fairly common battery.
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