Saturn Comms Software

Does anyone have one of the last released versions of the comms package? I went to go use mine not too long ago, but can't find the software anymore. Everything I've located on the web is much older than what I currently have.


Yeah. I've seen that one, but it's older than what I have as far as the rom goes (The archive here has 1.81 while my AR has 1.94) I'm pretty sure that what I have wasn't the latest made.

Interesting. I remember doing a search on google, and reading something about the software for the AR+ cards not working with AR/GameSharks. Appears that this was wrong.

Thanks for the link!

But whatever you do, DON'T put an EMS ROM on a Datel cart (or the reverse)- it *might* work, but the commslink hardware is mapped to different addresses, so that part will definitely not work, meaning that you also can't flash back to the original version.