Saturn controller problem

Hi everyone. This is my first post, although I've been browsing this forum since August (when I apparently registered -- I don't even remember doing that!). Before I talk about my problem, I just thought I'd say that I found this place very useful for information on modding a Saturn. mal's technique is extremely useful -- thanks!

Anyway, onto the problem. I got 6 brand new in box official Sega Saturn controllers around the time I got my Saturn a few months ago. They're the smaller kind, not the bulkier first-run controllers. Everything's been going great...until last night. Fortunately, it only seems to be one of the controllers. The problem is the D-pad. Moving up, down, or left is done easily, but I have to press really hard on right in order for that to register. I've taken it apart three times so far and I'm really not sure what's wrong. I've plugged in the control pad without its protective casing and used the little rubber thing that goes between the D-pad and the actual controller board to press the different directions. After messing around with that, it seems like the sensitive spot which triggers the actual "right" button has moved slightly to the left, which seems really strange. Is it possible for something like that to happen? If so, is there any way to reverse that? Is there a way I can avoid this problem with my other Saturn pads? Perhaps I should just give up on trying to fix it and buy a new control pad?

It's very annoying, and playing Bomberman or Death Tank Zwei with one less person won't be as fun. Sorry for the lengthy post, but any suggestions are welcome.
It could be that the contacts on the circuit board for going right have become a bit dirty, but considering the pads were new in box, I'm not so sure. ???

Try giving the conductor on the back of the rubber that makes the circuit a gentle clean. Give the contacts on the PCB a clean as well and see if that helps at all.

Did my awkward wording make sense?
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had already cleaned both the rubber piece and the contacts with a swab of rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, it had no effect.
Is it possible that you subject the pad to a bit of abuse (like really hammering the left/right controls)? I'm just totally speculating here, but maybe the circuit board has developed micro-fractures is coming away from the d-pad when you press left or right. Try stuffing something behind the circuit board and see if that makes any difference.

Just a guess here...