Saturn Dev Link

Hnn, As I said, most links with the more important tools (the SGL and the C compiller), are offline. It's almost impossible to develop without those tools.
Look I got an ideal, if we need those two files, I can run a ftp server and whoever got them file can upload them to my ftp then I can redistribute them to different site and create mirriors. If you u guys think its a good Ideal, i'll do it!
I'd love to, but i busted my upload rate this month ^^; Unlike _some_ ppl, here we are chaged by cable use. I just can't afford uploading my files, not to mention I tangled and messed with them, and dont even _have_ have the original fileset.
Ok, here is the information:


port: 21

No downloading plz, when I see they have been uploaded I will move them to my Webserver then give you guys the link to download them from there. its much faster, trust me.