Saturn fantasy-style 3d fighters

I though about Saturn fighters with fantasy elements, not realistic ones like Vf, I mean like Toshinden or Soul Calibur (not for Saturn, but anyway, it rules). What games like this (3d ones) are there for Saturn?

I know about:

Toshinden Remix - Fun game, ok gfx, simple controls

Toshinden Ura - Same as above but with slightly better gfx

D-Xhird - Havent played it, looks like the above two

Criticom - Havent played it, looks nice

What more ones are there?

I am sure there are some jap only ones. Anyone who knows?
Criticom is crap. Stay away or buy very cheap. Backgrounds look very nice. Characters however were made with as few polygons as possible and look odd. The comp will always be blocking your hits while stringing its own on you. This game is sorta like Kakuto Chojin in which you don't have a complete movelist when you start the game. You have to beat the game 2 times to get your full moveset. Your character gets a new fuller body each time you upgrade your rank but you have to input a password when you want to use it. I suppose you could just input passwords you find on the net to bypass playing through so many times.

D-Xhird plays like a slower version of Toshinden 3. Characters are stiff and blocky. However I don't think I've seen another 3D Saturn fighting game try to impress like it has in graphics. Backgrounds have improved over Toshinden URA's, in adding transparencies, scrolling elements, lighting and general detail. Characters, while blcoky, are textured very well to hide it from most angles but they don't look that good when camera gets up close.

Like Toshinden 3 you can use walls to counter/attack opponent. If the arena has a ceiling you can smash your opponent up there for more damage. Some arenas have no walls and in the event you jump/fall out of the ring, you can jump back in. But you must do this quickly before sink to far and the move will no longer function. This move can be done as many times as necessary during a match and as many as necessary to get you back into the ring, since you jump side to side using the technique.

Combo engine is simplistic, just tap away, but to counter it is a self defense shield that will make your opponent vulnerable to attack if he hits you while you are protected. Basically some swirls circle you and if you're hit (non-projectile) they will go flying in the air, leaving you to combo them on the way back down. The catch to this is you can only use the shield 4x per match, conditions prevailing.

That condition is the sheild takes energy from your weapon strength lifebar (seperate from your lifebar). Each time you block, depending on the strength of the attacks, your weapon will take damage. Run out of weapon health and the next time you block a strong attack it will shatter, leabing you weaponless and having to fight hand-to-hand. Since most of your attacks depend on your weapon (projectile or manual) you lose most of your attacks this way and instead have a paltry few new moves available to you for hand combat.

Another condition to weapon health is a speed burst you can activate for a short time. It will drain weapon health but make you move so fast anything you wail on your opponent will be a combo. You string a certain number of hits on your opponent you will trigger one of two endings for the combostring. A taunt will automatically play at end if your last hit connects but if you miss the last hit you will be left open to a counterattack.

Almost forgot about the sidetep dash attacks. When you sidestep you can also press an attack button which will make you dash to opponents flank and then lunge at them from the vulnerable angle. However it is blockable if caught in time and leaves you open to attack.

Elan Doree is a unique 3D fantasy game. You ride on backs of dragons. Backgrounds look very nice. You can do a flank attack in 3D but it's a set move which basically makes you move a half-circle or so get a hit in before it brings you back to each other face to face again. You can be knocked off your dragon, in which case you have to jump back onto your dragon as quick as possible as you're vulnerable like that.

Zero Divide: The Final Conflict I'm not sure if qualifies for fantasy or not. I don't recall projectiles in it but I haven't played it a long time. It plays like Virtua Fighter but it takes place in a VR world against beings projected in humanoid and non-humanoid forms.
Yep, basically the only fantasy 3D fighting game with any pleasure coming out of it is Elan doreé, although some could argue that it's not exactly a fighting game...
What do you think about adding "Steeldom" in this list ? It's a 3D fighting game with a medieval design :


Geez, I never EVER heard about Steeldom... it looks OK, in the small prictures :p

Seems like a Virtual On ripoff, but at least it's made by Technosoft.
I humbly submit Galaxy Fight ... it has at least a fantasy background theme and characters... though I, too, will name Elan Doree as THE 3D fantasy fighter.

3D? Oops. Galaxy Fight is 2D. Damn, I need a nap.
I think it had a two player mode and there was a special release of this game with a Link Cable Mode.