Saturn game manuals?

Hey, i'm on the hunt for a virtua fighter 2 game manual. But can't seem to find a site. Anyone know one? or maybe someone could scan it for me
*looks on australian ebay to find that THERE ARE NO VF2 COPIES ON SALE!*

God, you say it as if it's easy to just go and buy a saturn game. Especially in australia
And if anything it will be more than $5.
No copies of Virtua Fighter 2? Which Ebay Australia are you looking at?

This one started on the 3rd of September and is currently AU$20.

This one started on the 7th of September (well before you posted) and is currently AU$15.

I have no problems with people that have copied games. I have lots.

However it shits me when they can't be bothered buying cheap originals.
call me a fool yes. I didn't bother looking. I remember having a browse a few days ago and didn't find anything. Well, I emailed one of the guys waiting for a reply