Saturn games that suck!

What Saturn games are the most crappy...?

Street Fighter: the movie

a long ago i gave money to a friend to bought a VS Fighter 2d title for the Saturn (my friend dont know anything of videogames) and when he come back of the store he bought "Street Fighter the movie" and i say "what the f... its this!!!" and he say "Jean Claud Van Damme as colonel guile!!!"

....... motherf....!!! ...... ok well lets see this game....

like GamePro

The graph sucks 2.0 ???

The sound sucks 1.0

The control sucks 1.0

but the Fun Factor: 5.5 (i can't put the super cool face here)

why its that: Because a single character "SawadA" with all the moves like when he hurts himeself with the knife and best of all when he does the super move, he go to the enemy with arms wide opens its spectacular (he rules) the name of the game must be "SAWADA vs Street Fighter"

Note: its a joke this game really but really suck!!! but it make me laugh
Battle Monsters is the worst one in my collection. A pov Mortal Kombat clone with crap music, shithouse characters and sound effects reminiscent of turds hitting water.

Not much to recommend it really - thanks Acclaim!
Ghen war, that game is pathetic in every sense I can think of: Grafics, sound fx, music, gameplay, and the cutsceans which have some really bad acting as well.
I would have to say that Iron Man X/O Manowar and The Crow: City of Angels totally sucks for Sega Saturn. Quite possibly the two worst games for the platform. (On a side note, nothing, in my opinion, sucks more than Twin Goddesses on Playstation).
Lunar: Magic School.

It wasn't till I played the game that I fully understood why Working Designs didn't bring it here.

12 months of delays and the WD localization process of replacing all text with fart jokes, bill clinton cracks, and wheaties references couldn't have saved this game. Whomever wrote the story should be shot.
Street Fighter the Movie, Criticom and The Crow are good (?) picks, but you know no the depths of shitiness on the saturn library.

Metal Violator Hakkaider



Fear those games!
Originally posted by Silender@May 19 2002,22:17

Since it is a Japanese game I enjoy it while I'm playing. Maybe if I knew what they are saying.

Funny how that works isin't it? I find people always seem to like games more before they know what's going on with lots of these Japanese games that are not so hot.
True DBOY. I must judge games with what I see and understand. In the "Japanese games" case I'll leave the story thing to people who can understand the language. You know I'm dying to know what's happening in Black Matrix cause from what I see it's a great game, I hope not see the same stupid dialogues (according to you) as in Lunar Magic School.
The worst game for me has to be Gale Racer, a truly terrible Japan-only port of Rad Mobile - I often have nightmares about it.

Someone mentioned Manx TT and Touring Car Championship. Those games are great. They have some flaws (only two levels for manx and low frame rate for STCC) but they are still good games in my opinion. I have played a translated version (half
) of Lunar Magic School and i think it was pretty good, but not as good as the other Lunar games.

As the worst Saturn game, i would say Virtua Hydlide. Its grainy and the framereate is lower than anything else ive seen. It gets a little better later on, but mostly people have given it up long before then...
Originally posted by Silender@May 20 2002,04:18

I'm dying to know what's happening in Black Matrix cause from what I see it's a great game, I hope not see the same stupid dialogues (according to you) as in Lunar Magic School.

I've only played AD on the Dreamcast. I hear the Saturn version is much better because the characters move around on the screen and dialogue boxes come up while they speak. The Dreamcast port suffered a lot because you couldn't see anything the characters were talking about as the screen only showed large images of them and no actual events.

The story is different enough, I'll say that. I'd even go as far as to say shocking. It's a direction most games don't want to head. But the it didn't appeal to me much. Not to say it's not a good game. It is, but it just wasn't my thing. Really well done and great game but just not my thing.

You might want to head over to GameFAQs, I think Oogami has been working on a text file translation of the Saturn port (like people did with the Sakura Taisen series) that might be able to help you out.

As for Lunar: Magic School. I have firsthand seen kindergarden kids write better literature with a box of crayons. The dialogue is dry and uncreative. The characters really don't have all that much emotion to them. The writers never heard of a plot twist in their life (take some lessons from Terranigma). And the whole concept behind the game just makes my skin crawl as a writer. You'll find more quality entertainment and storytelling in the Berenstein Bears than Magic School.

The intro to the game floored me at it's absolute cheapness. The magic school recruiter guy JUST HAPPENS to be walking through an apple orchard looking for a cave (apple orchards are the first place I go to look for caves) for who the hell knows why when Elly just descides to start flying and go pick the apples at the top of the tree Lena's dad can't reach. The old man nearly shits a brick in amazement because DAMN, THAT GIRL'S FLYING and Lena basically say "OH YEAH! Of course she can, it's a gift." because you know, everyone can fly and does so all day long. Then they go to the cave and BAM, this fortress just comes out of the ground. "Oh by the way I'm a scout for the magic school, why not come along!!" Gee that sounds like a great idea, two little pre-teen girls going along with a creepy old man after seeing a fortress come out of the ground, and of course Lena's dad lets them with little or no discussion.

There's a limit to how far I'll let an RPG drag me through CRAP storyline and this game managed to find it. The other Lunar games, while I'm not a Lunar fan, did a pretty good job on the stories. They were believeable (in a fantasy respect) but come on... this game just doesn't cut it...