Saturn in Popularity Shocker!'s an article from the EDGE magazine,issue June 2002

"JAPAN:As the green buds of multiformat prosperity appear,it's time for spring-clean on a corporate scale.Sega's Game JAM 2 event gave the softoware giant an opportunity to clean out its attic and to sell many now retro-cool items it hadn't be able to shift before.But the merchandise proved surpringly popular; it appears that the michellaneous paraphernalia based on old hardware doesn't just sell to the bitter hardcore ,but also to new younger ,cross-platform fans who want to show their respect for Sega's history.Hence this,a new line of Saturn Bags, perfect for PSO players who haven't yet managed to find that much-missed dead-console mag."

BTW..tomorrow i'll get my new Saturn!Yup..i'm very happy..LOL!
Thank you..for the welcome rcefiro!!!!

You know..tomorrow i'll buy my first Saturn..and i'am very happy 'coz finally i'll play the Dracula X..I can't wait!LOL..

Saturn=Pure Hardcore 2D Gaming System!
*Agrees with Konami X68!*