Saturn Lightguns on DC

hi folks

here's a question i was wondering about.

is there a way to make Saturn Lightguns work on the DC.

i've tried a multi-adaptor(which makes PS and Saturn controllers and wheels work on the DC), but the guns are not reckognised by the DC.

any ideas


Dude!!! Lemme first say I love you avitar!!!

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I have not heard of Saturn light guns working on DC with any adapters. I would have bought one if there was one availible. As far as I understand, the adapters are only good for directional and button controls -- no analog sticks or light guns -- however, I THINK steering wheels work for some reason. Can anyone else back me up or correct me on this?
To my knowledge, the only Saturn peripherals you can use on the DC are stock digital controllers, Sega's steering wheel, and the Saturn twin sticks which can only be used for VO:OT.