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Hello fellow Sega Xtreme'rs

I've been doing a bit of thinking of something interesting I could do to help preserve the Saturn. There are a lot of great sources for CD Covers, cheats, etc. One thing I thought I would be interested in is an online collection of Sega Saturn manuals that may be viewed online. So I've started a page with just that.

You may visit the collection at:

I plan to scan all of my manuals and put them online. I have the few US manuals I could find online, including some from the excellent Sega Saturn Collection website. Feel free to use the site, and more importantly, if you have manual scans you'd like to contribute, please let me know. I was originally looking for only US manuals, but I've decided that as long as the manuals are in English, that I'll post them.

Anyway, take a look, contribute if you have anything, and enjoy!
I scanned a few a while back and sent them to Ice, they weren't used for anything but i've still got them on my computer...

Full Scans include:

Command And Conquer

Grid Runner

Virtual Cop 2

And i've got cover's and inlays for a handful of other games, all high quality scans.

Edge-` PM me if you want them, or where to upload

P.S. each full manual is about 4Mb uncompressed
Originally posted by Yceman@Jun 10, 2003 @ 01:19 AM

There's also ElPortal:

They have 63 saturn manuals, in many different languages.

Thaks Yceman for the nfo
Nice site Edge. I hope you'll be able to make a near complete US games collection with the help of some people. If you're interested, i can scan the manuals of Golden Axe: The Duel, Herc's Adventures, Skeleton Warriors and Guardian Heroes.

Finally got around to scanning a couple more of my manuals and adding them (The Crow and Virtua Cop). Thought I'd give the topic a bump to see to inform new members of the project and see if there are more who would like to contribute to what I feel is a good project. Zziggy00 and manuals from others sites, and of coarse my own scans have been the only manuals I've able to get. (Oh, Daniel, I'd be glad to take any manual scans you have that are in English). If you happen to have some manuals laying around and a scanner, take some time to scan them, I and others would appreciate it.

I've decided instead of only accepting US manuals to accept any manual, as long as they are in English.

Also, if you don't have a scanner but would like to contribute, I'd be happy to take manuals in the mail (if you live in the US). I would scan them, and then send them back. Just send me a PM or an e-mail and we'll work out the details.

Anyway, thought I'd give the topic a bump to see if there is anymore new interest.

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When I end up getting a scanner I will scan all my pal saturn manuals (~70) all of which are in mint condition..though don't wait up cause I'm not sure when I will be getting a scanner. I've got this page in my favs now so I won't forget when I get them scanned ;) Good Idea for preserving the saturn scene! :cool: