Saturn mod chip ver. FH5

Is any of you boys know how ot install mod chip model FH5 for Sega Saturn. I have US model 2.

Sorry for my broken english:(
If you aren't familiar with the Swap trick, I suggest to try that instead of going through the mod chip trouble. If don't own the mod chip already, see if the swap trick suits you first. If not, good luck installing it:).
If you can mod, and are confident with a bit of soldering, do it. Swapping will just slowly kill your saturn, to the point it won't spin up anymore. Tho on the flip side, if you mess up installing, you may fry your sat
. I've got a happily modded saturn, using a model similar if not exactly like the mod chip sold at Let me know if you need help.
This is my fourth Saturn. I get this chip with my white jap Saturn and he works normal, but i sell it and keep my modchip. Now i have a US Model 2 Saturn:MK-80000A, but i forgot how to install the chip. I think that i lose the only wire that has the chip:( Now the chip has two neck, but not wire that i lose. Also i dont remember where i must to connect in the Saturn's supply. On the plate is whriting:FH-5, on the chips:LATICE GAL22V10-25LP B146 D04, on the second:pIC16C54-RG/P 9708CAW, the third has nothing. Thats all. Any ideas?

PS. I use swap trick but he like Edge-`said can broke my foirth Saturn

Sorry for my broken english ???