Saturn mod problem popped up

This is the third Saturn I've modded. The other two worked great. The chip I used was from Lan-Kwei. Standard 21 pin with two lines to solder and a jumper for which type of 21 pin machine you have. I modded it last saturday and it had been working great. Then tonight out of the blue it stopped detecting CD's. I tried a few original games (both US and Japanese discs) and they all failed to detect as well.

Senseing something funky I desolder the mod and took it out and viola, real discs worked again. But when I put the mod back in all discs stopped working.

What would cause a chip to suddenly die like that after normal operation? Think it's a defective chip? Did it overheat or short? Ideas are welcome. I'm trying to figure out if I should take my losses and order another mod elsewhere or if this mod was in fact defective and I should try to send it back.

try moving it around in the slot a bit.. usually it'll go a tiny bit left or right, or try pressing it towards the contacts.. if that doesn't make any difference at all, then chances are that the chip itself is fried.
I remember when I modded my saturn a few years ago, my saturn got burn. Smoke came out of my saturn set. I'm pretty sure the person who modded my saturn has connected something wrongly.
Tried wiggling it to no avail. Damn, I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy another chip... Oh well, thanks for confirming it. I'll give Lan-Kwei another chance before i drive over to Game Gizmo. Even with HK shipping it's still less than half the price of Game Gizmo.

Then again, you get what you pay for.
From how your describing it I'm guessing either the chip shorted out or the chip was defective. I had a samliar problem likes yours over a year ago. It also might be your system as I have system that can play all regions of games and certain games won't work on it anymore so their might also be something wrong with the actual system. What games did you try out on it? I think it's mostly import games that don't work on my system but I really haven't played any US games in a long time.