Saturn MOD

I just got a black saturn with oval black buttons, model No. MK-8020050 and the cd board is connected to the mainboard with a 20pin cable. If I get a mod from gamegizmo or Lan Kwei, will it work OK ????
It will take an act from god to mod that. 20 pin mods are next to impossible to find. You are best off finding a 21pin saturn.
Originally posted by schi0249@Aug. 15 2002, 7:38 am

It will take an act from god to mod that.

Now that's incentive...

He's right. I think I've only seen one 20 pin mod for sale in two years. Mind you, I haven't been looking very hard.

Try and get a Model 2 Saturn. Avoid buying another one with oval buttons, it's too risky. ???
I have seen that both you and excyber are working on it. I hope you guys succeed. I have a 20 pin saturn in addition to my modded 21 pin. I would be nice to mod the other one as well.