Saturn Modchip Help

I just had a few quick questions about installing a modchip in a Saturn. The Saturn model number is MK-80000, and I purchased the modchip from Lik-Sang (or at least I think it was Lik-Sang). Anyway, the chip came with no installation instructions and everything I have found on the net is for installing the chip in a Victor Saturn (the white one).

So basically, my question is this: what points do I need to solder in the model of Saturn I have to install the chip? I have seen everyone talking about pin count and whatnot, what exactly does this pin count refer to? Sorry if this information has been gone over multiple times before, but I am a bit frustrated and would appreciate any kind of help I can get. Thanks in advance.
There are two different 'numbers of pins' that people talk about.

Firstly, you have 20 and 21 pin Saturns. This refers to the number of conductors, or wires, that are in the ribbon cable that runs from the CD board to the mainboard. Once you've opened up your Saturn it should be fairly easy to work out which you have.

I may well be wrong (as I only have 2 US Saturns), but I suspect that a MK-80000 is 20 pin. :huh The bad news there is that 20 pin mods are extremely rare.

Secondly, you have 32 pin and 64 pin Saturns. This refers to the number of legs that specific IC on the CD board have. This only refers to 21 pin Saturns. Confused yet?

32 pin Saturns are infinitely easier to mod, as 64 pin Saturns seem to have some incompatability with modern modboards.