Saturn modchips

Does anyone know where to get a Saturn modchip that's not $20 or more?

I see that has them for $9 (along with Neo-Geo Pocket Colors for $20!) but they don't answer my emails and they don't reply to the order form I fill out (are they still in business?).

I'd like to order from them, but it looks like they don't want my business.

Anyway, I'm looking for one that's $15 or less.

Any ideas?
Ok, I know why they didn't answered your e-mails (they usually reply to orders immediately

You should've read the News section:


08:12pm will fuse with another local company in the near future. At the same time, a complete new site-system will be introduced to the public. All this involves changing servers, programming the new website, moving facilities (office & warehouse), and several legal issues. To make it short: Starting from today, we do NOT take any new orders at all, until further notice. We think it is better to concentrate our man (and women-) power to take time for this, instead of rushing through everything with chances quite high that stuff goes under.

Aaaaaand keep reading!!!!

We will be back approximately middle of March with an extended team to improve customer service, with more comfortable purchase options (shopping cart and online tracking), with more sections dealing with rare and exotic consoles as well as some "special" categories, with bigger stocking and shipping facility to improve order turnaround times, and of course with the same low prices as always. We have reached the point where it is impossible for us to handle all your enquiries in a satisfying way, and we hope you agree with our little break, which will do good to everyone after all.

WOW! They're going to create their own customer service! (No, they can't improve a service that doesn't exist
). That's great news for us, poor buyers.
Haha. I didn't think a search for Lan-Kwei would even help, but instead it answered the question exactly.

Well, while I don't want to wait for modchip that much longer, it's nice to see the site is making a much-needed overhaul!

Why don't you just sell me yours?
I don't get what's being said that's anti-Lan-Kwei in that thread.

One guy said he shelved his Lan-Kwei mod due to having the wires break off.

Couldn't he just reconnect the wires?

Also, I guess I am still a newbie when it comes to Saturn modding, so I have another question.

Are there different types of Saturn modchips out there, and which one is best to buy?
Basically, Lan-Kwei/Lik-Sang mods do not work in 64 pin Saturns.

There have been the odd exceptions, but there is no definite pattern with those that work.

Gamegizmo mods have (so far) consistantly worked in 64 pin Saturns.

Both types of mod work fine in 32 pin Saturns and so far only 1 person has been able to mod a Saturn with a Sanyo CD and a PC Trap.
Originally posted by DeVante@Feb 18, 2003 @ 02:19 AM

I don't get what's being said that's anti-Lan-Kwei in that thread.

One guy said he shelved his Lan-Kwei mod due to having the wires break off.

Couldn't he just reconnect the wires?

Apparently not. Anyone who throws away a mod board because he/she's too lazy to solder the wires back on is full of :bs !!

For the record, that's precisely what I had to do with my Lan-Kwei mod too, and it works perfect to this day.
From what I gather that wasn't the case at all. It appears Xai was having trouble with his mod, and so replaced it with one from gamegizmo and used Mal's A+B method and it works.
In Xai's case it was that he was using a Lik-Sang mod in a 64 pin Saturn.

The wire coming off just clouded the issue somewhat.
I have ordered stuff in November from Lan-Kwei, and sent the money with Western Union 1 day later. They said they received it and that they have sent the stuff. As of now nothing arrived... I even faxed them but nothing. DO NOT buy from Lan-Kwei
If you sent Western Union and have kept your reciept/stub, you should be able to get a refund.

It tells you how on the back of the stub.

You should at least pay by PayPal or credit card for the protection.