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sorry for the newbie question, but i havent sen anything on this yet. can any model saturn be fitted with the modchip out ? if which model can, and how can i tell the difference. the one i am about to purchase has the one with the buttons like eye slits.
you can only mod sega saturn model 2.

Model 2 Saturn's look like this:


It is the one with the round reset and power buttons. These are the 21 pins, so you can mod this type. Model 1 Saturn's are the one with "oval" reset and power buttons, these are 20 pins, these CAN NOT be modded.

Heres where you can get the modchip from --> click here
well i just wasted $70....not a complete waste..but the real reason i wanted my saturn again was to be able to play all the great games i missed...i hate the swap tricks u have to do with anyone working on a way to mod this model ?
You may be lucky yet. But don't count on it though.

Some of the later oval button Saturns were made with the newer 21 pin components.

Remove the top from your Saturn and count the number of pins on the ribbon cable that connects the CD board to the main board.

If there are 21 you may be able to mod it. I'd suggest getting a Gamegizmo mod as these seem to work in the older 21 pin Saturns.

If there are 20 pins, you'll either need to get another Saturn or be content with swapping.
well is..but im not counting on it....if it i sthen i'll buy my saturn mod from gamegizmo..if not then i there any way to tell besides opening it ? like beggining or ending letters of the serial numbers ? so that way just in case i can ask the next time if i cant find a model 2 ?
No. In one of the many Saturn modding threads two people had oval button Saturns with the same model number and one was 20 pin, the other 21 pin.
incidently 20 pin Saturns can be modded. They need a 20 pin mod board. however finding a 20 pin mod board is basically impossible.

I have one great.
Considering the availability of 20 pin mods I don't bother mentioning them any more.

It just gets their hopes up.
Originally posted by mal@July 18 2002, 11:07 pm

Considering the availability of 20 pin mods I don't bother mentioning them any more.

It just gets their hopes up.

not to mention the fact that the guy who started this thread was banned
Because that's what Gamegizmo think people will pay, I guess. ???

I'm buying some from them after payday but I'm going to get 2 + 1 free. The price per unit isn't so bad then and I'll have a couple to either sell or keep for spares.

Hopefully they'll be compatable with a 64 pin Saturn.
triad, those custom buttons? mine are black.

20$ for a modchip via gamegizmo's actually a very reasonable proce considering it costs a fortune to to send stuff to/from china. it's also a matter of convienence. you could order a chip right now, have it shipped fedex overnight and have it tomorow (well, you could if tomorow weren't saturday)
Originally posted by RevQuixo@July 19 2002, 7:41 am

The topic starter was banned for having a warez ftp, not for talking about saturn mods.

oh, dude, i know it was for some other reason...i was just poking fun at others posting
kinda funny really, the persons banned but their thread lives on