Saturn Model 1 Controller Question



Hello, I'm a newbie here and ran into something that maybe someone else here would know about. I've got a model 1 US saturn (yes, I ran out and bought it when it first came out for $350USD!). I love the controllers and I want to wire up a DirectPadPro interface that I can use on my linux box for games.

The DPP pinout diagram shows the control pad connector as being a DB-9. On my model 1 (I don't know about the model 2) it is has 9 pins, but it is definitely *not* a DB-9. Does anyone know what type of connector this is and where I can get one?

I love the Saturn control pad. Since my unit is wonky (sometimes CD doesn't spin up, and it will give me a big shock when I touch the unit), I would like to put the controllers to good use.

Maybe someone has a few answers/advice?