Saturn - Netlink v3.0

I already have v2.0 of the web browser.... and I tried looking for v3.0 to download but can't find it... so I've decided I'm just going to buy it... now I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that sells it fairly cheap... Thanks.... =^_^=
Well yes and no.... they have v4.035 Beta there... and I have to download it ever time I wish it use it.... which is why I want v3.0 is because more updated than v2.0 and I don't have to download it everytime...
Anyone know what the ID string of the Netlink browser is? I'm curious to see if this could be downloaded and saved to a hard drive...

Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; PlanetWeb/1.011 Golden; SEGA Saturn; TV; 640,480)

Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; PlanetWeb/1.135 Golden; SEGA Saturn; TV; 640,480)

Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; PlanetWeb/1.147 Beta Update; SEGA Saturn; TV; 640,480)

This is QUITE easy to fake in Netscape (hard to near impossible under IE). As a result I just went and downloaded the 4.035 Beta. Is it really only ~470k? How long does it take for you guys to normally download it?
Yes... I have already download the web browser to my PC also.... did it a few weeks ago with IE... used a program callled Ad Muncher to change my user agent setting.... I know it doesn't take long to download the browser everytime... but it becomes a pain... and v2.0 doesn't support e-mailing of save files... which is why I have to download it every single time... and that is why I want version 3... so I can just e-mail my save quicker.... but I don't see why v3.0 is so hard to find... I can't find it to download... and I can't find it to buy it...
why would you guys want the netlink? As soon as the dreamcast came out sega stopped supporting net access on the saturn.
I want it so I can e-mail my save files.... so I can back them up on my PC so I will always have them... that's why....
I know I have the version 3.0 of the Netlink browser. I just can't find it right now. I'll look for it later on tonight, and if it's not too big I'll rip it and upload it to an FTP. The only reason I worry about the size is cuz I'm on dial-up and it would take a while to upload at 3k :( I'll see what I can do AmyGrrl.
Well if that ain't the oddest thing, I can't find. I've looked everywhere it could be but it just hasn't turned up yet. I'll continue looking a little while, and if I can't find it I'll continue the search tomorrow.
Good news, I found the browser and have ripped it already. It's Bin-Cue and it's really not that big at all. Rared up it's 5.22 MB. If it wasn't for the audio track, it would probably be a lot smaller. Now, I just got to get connected to an FTP to upload it.
Alright I've uploaded it to Challenge's FTP. The information is in the FTP Forum under the thread New FTP Open. Look in the _UPLOADS_ directory once on the FTP, then go to the directory Netlink 3.0.rar should be in there.
Alright, I'll let it upload tonight. It'll go slow because I'm downloading some things, but you should get it tonight. I really didn't know that you had to upload something to that FTP before you could download. I just tried to get it onto an FTP and that was the only one that I knew of that I could get connected to. All the other ones had too many people logged in so it wouldn't let me log in.
Thanks for uploading it... it works great... sure beats having to download the web browser everytime just to upload my saves... I think I will post it to the news groups later... if anyone want's it.....