Saturn output video


I've a saturn pal and i want to know that is the best solution to have better output video than the original video cable.

RGB or s-video ?

Thx you for the answer but my saturn doesn't need to be modified? I saw some N64 modified to have an rgb output !!
No modification is necessary, just the right cable for your Saturn.

I do agree, though, that S-Video is already a great step up from composite video (the frizzle along edges when many colors are on screen completely vanishes).

The thing about RGB/SCART cables (which seem to pop up on eBay now and then) is that they're intended for European TVs. That has nothing to do with the PAL (50Hz) vs. NTSC (60Hz) issue, but with the actual connector on the TV end of the cable... You would have to hack it to get your video monitor/RGB-capable TV hooked up.

If you're thinking about hooking a Saturn up to a TV with *component* video (used for DVD players, uses 3 RCA jacks), don't even ask me.....

Hope this helps, though!