Saturn PAL-> NTSC does a conversion program exist?

It's hard enough to find isos nowadays but many of them that I have access to are pal games. Is there a pal->ntsc patch program out there?
Other than using Satconv (DOS or Win32) to change the region code to suit your Saturn, there's not much more you need to do.

There are some games that have been optimized to run at full speed and/or full screen on a 50Hz PAL TV, but not that many.

When using Satconv look at the product code. If it's MK-8xxxx-50 or T-xxxxH-50 chances are good that it's PAL optimized. While all Euro games had that type of product code on the box, I believe only PAL optimized versions have them in the CD's header.

Some have different version numbers instead and are harder to pick.
the games that are pal optimized almost always have a ntsc version anyway, what might help if your tv can display the 50hz signal is to fit a 50/60 hz switch to the saturn (it would cure the speed problem at least)
so... then there's no hope for those few saturn games that were only released in europe?