Saturn PAR Question?

I just bought a used PAR for my saturn... I'm just trying to figure out which one I have..... it says Pro Action Replay Plus 1M <--> 4M .... on the front... and has says v2.01 on the menu screen.. I was just curious as to what the lastest version is... and if mine can mu updated to the lastest version... and yes ... i know I need a PC COMM card.... now the question I have about the COMM Card is... I Know that they are ISA card... but can I get a PCI version of the card.... and thanks reading... hoping for a reply... =^_^=
there's no real order in the versions, I believe. EMS and all the clones use so many different versions and hacks, it's not funny anymore.

there's no PCI version of the comms link, only the ISA non-PNP version.