Saturn problems

Okay, about a month back I posted a message about my Saturn giving me trouble. Here's the rundown of the problem:

The CD will spin, but it reads EVERY disc, including originals, as music CDs. Mal and some other guys recommended I order some Game Gizmo modchips to see if installing one will fix the problem. Well, I installed it, and it didn't help. I know for a fact I installed the chip right (I installed another one on my friend's Saturn just fine), and I know the jumper is set right on the chip as well.

So, my question is, do you guys have any ideas as to what is wrong with this damn system? I know for a fact the CD drive is not the problem, because it work perfectly when I installed it in my friend's Saturn. Obviously, it's probably something wrong with the motherboard, but which part? Do any of you guys know which part of the Saturn confirms whether or not a Saturn game is an original? I'm sure one you guys know.


If there's something wrong with the motherboard you're better off just finding another Saturn. Not like they're expensive or something.