saturn proggramers needed

any programmers out there.i'm planning making a jet grind radio type game for saturn and can only get basic graphics to load thats all. so any real gam progammers out there plz reply

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Neat idea, but if your going to make it fully polgonal based, im just going to wish you the best of luck, cause thats going to be very difficult to do I would imagine.
I like the idea of this project. It really sounds great. If you want, i could help you with graphics or sound. Mail me if you want, i would be happy to help.
I have a friend who originally worked on some saturn games for konami USA. I'll see if he's interested... I believe he might have some software for saturn. I will ask him when he is available.

If you need graphics, I can help you in that department as well.

ok, i lost my supa sonic password. i would really love the help because it is only 3 of us. 1 programmer(me) 2 artist. he could really help program and debugging it. where can i get sgl stuff.
If you need, i could make some music/sounds also. I can make tiles, 3d rendered pictures, textures and such, but i am not so good at drawing caracters. However, just mail me and say what you want me to do and i try to do it as good as i can. I would love to help make a real Saturn game!