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Are there any good sites with reviews of sega saturn games, cos i got lots of sega saturn mags but there buried somwhere in my room. I like ign but it has no saturn.
Erm, aren't there reviews here, on Sega Xtreme? I'm sure I can see the word 'Reviews' just to the left... ?!
Gamefaqs is alright, but most of the reviews I read are by biased blokes. Read one of the reviews on Sega Game Gear, one of them is comparing it to a gameboy. It's a review, not a #### comparison.
Quote: from SegaSaturnDDR on 2:52 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

how can you review GG and not compare it to gameboy? the only reason they made GG was because gameboy was doing so well.

That's true, but I don't want to read about the gameboy, especially if I don't have one, and can't see what they're trying to say in my mind, like " this game is comparable to so and so game for the game boy, or something, and why would I want to know the gameboy's battery life?, I didn't need to be coaxed into buying a gameboy by nintendo fanboys. I needed to know if a game gear was good enough to warrant a purchase.

edit: and I take it back, there are some good reviews there at gamefaqs, I was just happened to read the bad ones., So I'll try and be sure to read plenty of different reviews to try and grasp a somewhat gereral concensus

edit, oh yeah in terms of bad and good reviews, I mean how well they are reviewed.

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