Saturn Save Editor

I just thought of a neet program someone could write.. how about a save state editor... for ppl who have the Netlink or Com Card/Pro Action Replay setup.. they coul transfer there saves to the PC.. edit them with the save editor.. and transfer them back.. I know most ppl are aganst cheating... but I just thought this would be a nice idea.. I'd make the program.... but sad programing skills with Turing take me real far.... I wish they tought us C++ instead of turing in highschool
If you want to edit saves you first have to figure out the format of the save file. Once you know that, you can patch the file with anything, eg. a hex editor.
Doesn't shining force 3 premium haven't a save game editor ??

I guess writing a generic programm would be quite hard ...

a file patch looks better indeed. (easyer)

BTW ... what is turing ?
SF3 Premium disc actually can create a Scenario 3 save file, by asking you some questions (ie.: did you kill Spiriel? Did you find the egg? Did you saved the refugees?), to allow you to play the final chapter without having to play through the others scenarios.

I never used that options, since I have yet to get a good Scenario 3 burn, and I have nowhere to put such save file into(my mem cart died, and my Saturn is full right now - the save is massive: 381 blocks), so I din't know if you start Scenario 3 with it, or if it takes you right into the final chapter.

Also, making a save editor can be done easily bby using SSF. One can make experiments with it's "internal RAM" file.
Well 'Turing' is some crappy program lanuage... as you have never heard of it... then you know how crappy it is... it was DOS only last time I used it.. not sure if there is a windows version now or not... I was told in class that is was similar to C++ and it wouldn't be too hard to switch... But I never tried C++... but going from making a Colourful ANSI hangman game to a savestate editor is way to much for me... =
Must be some custom product used at your school. Doing a hangman game in a Turing machine would be pretty hardcore. (I assume you didn't mean Pascal..)

(edit: You must mean this Turing language, which looks like Pascal extended with objects and a graphics library. I suggest you take a look at Delphi if you want an easy way to make Windows programs. Free Pascal is another option, but it's a bit more "low-level" than Delphi.)
ya.. that looks about right the logo on the page seems familar to the text books we had..... yup.. that is it for sure... didn't even know it was still around... would Delphi be simalr to this? I'll take a look at the site tomorrow...
Delphi is based on Pascal, so I don't think you'd have too much trouble adapting. The really cool thing about Delphi is how easy it is to make Windows GUI programs with it.